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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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cavuto today. normally we show you what would happen at all street. but it's presidents day. everything is closed isis, at the door, and there is no time to wait. that is from italy's interior minister today as isis vows to conquer rome. welcome, everyone. this is your world. a new isis video putter possesseddedly showing the beheadings of 21 egyptian christians in libya prompting egypt today to launch two rounds of airstrikes on isis in libya. italy says more action is needed. it now reportedly wants nato involved. catherine herridge is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: i watched the video in its entirety, and while not as highly produced as recent propaganda tapes the video uses multiple effects and camera ang
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angles and what appears to be a crane for overhead shots. it's like ag46cbiy movie set on the beach and this jihadi who delivers the bulk of the message speaks withrej6:çñ a north american accent and wears the same uniform worn by the executioners who burned a jordanian pilot to death.í 4%!isç is meant to show coordination between isis in sear syria and followers in libya. >> believe that this is part of the whole phenomenon facing in egypt and throughout the arab world. wefrñ need to pull our force together and face this threat that is coming closer to home, and by home i mean not only egypt but i mean also europe. >> reporter: video references in the tames are not only about clubbity but meant to draw in
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libyans who resent italy's colonial past and refer reins to osama bin laden are meant to give isis the man tell of the jihad. the focus of the air strikes is home to the training camps used by a former guantanamo detainee to launch the 2012 attack on the u.s. cops lat in benghazi. these latest murders indicate isis is working with al sharia in italy and i has set up an affiliate. >> tournamently only a handful of european countries are providing military action to the antiisis coalition. with witnessly reportedly calling for nato to step up. former pentagon spokesman gordon says things may be looking up. j.d. the italians want help from nato. but how many european countries are equipped and willing to put
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tropesífyçq -- troops on the ground in the middle east? >> thank you for having me on the show. they're certainly capable of doing it. just they if the have the political will. italy could launch airstrikes from their air base in sicily. they could do it easily. so it's just a matter of finding the political will. right now it's just the british this french, the dutch and belgians who have conducted raids inside of iraq, but of these 2,000 airstrikes from the u.s.-led coalition 80% of those are u.s. nato needs to do more. >> what about guys in uniforms firing guns in anger? any european country prepared to do that? >> not yet. i think they need to, though. right now the u.s. has about 3,000 troops in iraq. if you count the u.s. embassy. the people who are providing security there. but theécñ europeans have just sent really small amounts of trainersle the germans sent 40 people to help the kurdish
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peshmerga, and they sent things like weapons and ammunition to the kurdish peshmerga. but look at the european footprint it's been minimal. stuart, the u.s. is about a third of the natoms-, population. yet we provide two-thirds of the military funding. it's time that nato really step up and especially the european allies have to do more. >> that do you make of egypt now targetingm2uem isis in libya as an extension of the war essentially brings in egypt and brings in will be ya. >> it's a positive development. the president knows the coptic christians have been targeted by islamists and won't take it anymore. i'm really pleased to see egypt launch airstrikes into libya to stop the problem. it's a step in the right direction. >> here's my point. europe, it seems to me, is largely a pass-pass -- is the threat enough for the europeans to start talking tough and do
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something. >> i think you're right. it was a wakeup call to see the attacks in paris and copenhagen. the europeans, waking up to the threat from radical islam. i hope the show the political will to take the fight to trauma jibbing state and terrorists but a thousands of europeans have actually gone to iraq andb$u++2"3çç to fight as far as the islamic state. >> i want your judgment. do you think that europe will step up now? >> i think they're starting to. and i think it's a matter that has to be fought in they're capital. it's a battle of ideas. islamis have a good propaganda to deter europeans. so if the folks who are concern about european security step up to the plate, they will get it done. >> j.d. gordon, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the white house condemning the killings of 21 egypt schappes as a heinous act of -- éi÷
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>> there was just another example of what you're talking about, just moment nothing a conference call with senior administration officials. reporters were querying about the white house summit on countering violent extremism. a reporter pressed the senior administration official, why don't you use the term, islamic extremism or muslim extremism? the official replied, we all agree that the individuals who carried out this terrorist attack are calling. thes muslims. they're not making any secret of that and neither are we. that is about as close as this administration will come to identifying extremism with islam. but there's another more important example of it. and it occurred yesterday in the aftermath of the horrific attack in libya. the administration's official statement came out and its first sentence reads: united states condemns the despicable and cowardly murder of 21 egyptian citizens. it makes no mention of their religion, which is of course
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christianity in his statement today, hope francis sa83íçvañ[mç that was the sole reason, their christianity was the sole reason they were executed. here's the pope. >> translator: their only words were jesus help me. they were assassinated simply for the fact they were christians.,.d s)'yç; >> reporter: but given what president obama said at the recent national prayer breakfast in which he said that there were christian evils done in the past and which prompted governor indahl of louisiana to say we have the medieval christian threat under control. the administration is being asked about their lack of the tomorrow islamic extremism.zs is the president giving too much away with his plan to combat isis? peter king things so. >> put a three-year time limit on it and basically said we're
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not going to use ground troops. i guess only in the most extreme circumstances. no president should put himself in that position, and we shouldn't put our u.s. military in that position. >> jillian works for the national security council under presidents obama and bush. is the congressman right. >> his criticism of the war authorization request is significant because it's an extension of this belief that the president and the administration has really botched the antiisis campaign. it's also really highlights the larger issue of the partisan divide we're seeing over u.s. isis policy more generally. we have republicans under the leadership of speaker boehner and mccain saying is a not enough, and democrats say it unnecessarily escalated the situation and increases the probability of an actual ground
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war in iraq or syria. >> well, the president doesn't want a long war with americans involved in a long war so he puts a time frame on it, three years in your opinion is that a mistake? >> i think that anytimeqçd take openings off the table as we did with the boot -- no boots on the ground policy, as well as put a timetable, a moment in time at which all military activity has to stop, it's problematic. >> it's a question of the president's positioning. it's a question of his approach. if the president is frequently in retreat, not willing to say let get out there and kill them. if he is not willing to say islamic terrorists, or christians, as victims it is always on the back foot, not doing any of the above. does that meet with your approval? >> personally, it does not. we're seeing isis and other terrorist organizations -- a quick reminder that groups like
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al qaeda and al qaeda in yemen are also alive and well and mat tess -- metastasizing and also in north africa and now seeing activity in libya andxxsk yemen, and it's also very discouraging. >> seems like a policy of containment. don't recognize it, don't go after it contain it. and that policy is not working because it's spreading. >> remember, the first ten -- tenet of the strategy was to degrade isis, with the ultimate ulterior motive of degrading -- defeating it at a later point in time. i think)cd that when you start differentiating between the two, it can be problematic because you put a wrench in momentum. >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> to home-grown terror in denmark and the gunman suspected of killing two is dead but our
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you're looking at scenes from a massive memorial in copenhagen today for the victims of the shootings over the weekend. and now to the aftermath. did the islamist attacks in paris provide inspiration to do this in copenhagen in the suspected terrorist is dead but investigators may be getting more answers from÷gç$óc others in custody. amy kellogg is in london. >> reporter: it's all curious because investigators at this point say that he -- they don't believe that the presumed shooter had traveled to iraq or syria. they don't believe that he was part of a terror cell but he did have a record, a criminal record violent record and clearly, or presumably at some point radicalized somewhere somehow. local media reports say he had
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recently got out of jail and that his name was omar hussein. police will only say he was a 22-year-old danish born man. the first symptom of his killing spree was a freedom of expression event at which a swedish cartoonist was speaking. instead the gunman killed danish frommaker finn norgaard who said his whole aim in life was to make the world a better place and shine a light sewn site's marginalized. the gunman then killed a guard outside a synagogue. his friends telling me he would do anything for anyone and had a heart of gold. the chief rabbi in copenhagen said his family and the jew wish community were hartfyw;mçç heart ended by the support from around the world. >> we got many messages from imams and everyone around. it's not only unhappy with the situation, they're deep he
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concerned. concerned that we should help them because they face also very difficult situation, we should help them put the radicallists, islamists, outside of the society. >> stuart, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu reiterated today an invitation for european jews to move to israel but the chief rabbi in copenhagen says he really wants jews to stay where they are to continue on with their lives, but he intimated something that a lot of jewish organizations have been sayingu)ñç?vç around the world, which is that something more northeasts to be done to protec particularsly europe jews. >> what do we know about the two people who are enough inp? [ custody? >> reporter: well, according to the lawyer for one of them stewart, they are being charged. they've been charged. they're being kept in jail for up to ten days now for further questioning but the lawyer for one said they had been charged with helping the presumed
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shooter dispose of his weapon and for hiding him. so again, it was believed that he acted alone but it's clear he had to have in help especially just got out of jail? 22 years old. pulls this all together. figured out a swedish cartoonist was in town. kind of a lot. so they're looking for accomplices. >> thank you very much amy. "charlie hebdo," the kosher market, now a synagogue. former new york city police officer and secret service agent says we have a lot to worry about right here. well dan, you wantó%]so to harden what you consider soft targets here in the united. give me an example of a soft target in america you want to harden up. >> one of the most dangerous places in america right enough, ironically, is your local shopping mall. there's no need for anyone here to panic or not --
1:18 pm
receiving threats every day put one of this tactical small arms attack think best friend are two things. it's going to be time and the ability to move. and large shopping malls and sporting arebound naz offer you both of those. >> what too we want to see in america? armed guards at every entrance to a mall? any kind how far too we two with this hardening up of soft targets? >> certainly my libertarian streak is long. don't want metal detectors in every building. that's an option of business. what we have to learn to drum state against, we have to stop confusing access control with security. and that parlays into the question.lq= unarmed security is an access control mechanism. it's like a ticket as a sporting event. controls who gets in and who gets out. but if you don't have any deterrent behind that, when the
1:19 pm
secret service, for instance we didn't have a checkpoint without an agent with a gun you. need a deterrent or it's just access control. >> what do you want in a shopping mall? the front guys unarmed having a look at people and then armed security people behind#u them? >> well, you don't need in a shopping mall to have people with weapons openly. you can have offices where they're secreted and not seen in case you don't like the optics. that's fine. but they should have the option. i'm not suggesting every shopping mall owner should rush out and try to militarize their security force, but it's certainly should be an option and right now in america it's not. the overwhelming majority of security provided in america right now is typically the unarmed variety. >> costs a lot of money. you're looking at churches synagogues, shopping malls, sporting events, concerts, arenas. you're talking an enormous expense. >> well, stuart, suggest anyone who thinks that read the book,
1:20 pm
the black swan, because it is going to cost a lot of money. but you know how much it costs to shut down boston after the marathon bombing? just takes a couple of people with a bad idea and a whole lot another money is lost. >> dan you're right. thank you. appreciate your being with us. >> thank you. >> just in time for this busy holiday weekend, 2200 flights cancelled. not from yesterday's storm. try tonight's. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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i was hungry already and now you show me lobster lover's dream® let's make this dream a reality. a delicious, delicious reality. but one that won't last forever, so hurry in. hiée another isis strike leading to airstrikes, this time in libya. is isis expanding its fight to expand its ranks? terror analyst eric says
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absolutely. explain, how does this work? isisq turned on by the video of a pilot being burned alive in a cage. you have to explain that one to me. i don't get it. >> it's a nasty thing. number one, ideology. this jihaddist ideology is
1:34 pm
powerful deep-seated and hat long strong roots so at the end of the day it's the ideaogiology and we're a society weaned on violent movies, violent video games horror movies gore. people have been raised on this in many cases people in the west or kind of desensitized to all of this violence. >> what can we do about this? what on earth are we going to do? >> in terms of isis in general, what you node to do -- >> in terms of using these videos as a recruitment propaganda. >> i think the main thing to do is try to shut down these isis sites, but it's very difficult because we have not only these isis web sites, but twitter handles, facebook, instagram and our intelligence services have done a really good job in trying to crack down on these si down on this rad $ -- but it's like a game of whack-a-mole. >> don't we have to be seen to
1:35 pm
beat them with their hand inside the air surrendering or they're ted? couldn't you turn that into powerful propaganda for us? >> yes. they must be utterly and completely defeated destroyed. think about world war ii. the germans think japan, that's what we need to do with isis. they need to be destroyed, and that is all that their followers will understand. when they see isis destroyed, defeated, then we can make a dent but we don't seem to have the will to do that right now. by the way the one guy who is talking about defeating radical islam, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, western leaders seem to be shunning him because he is telling the truth. what we're having right now is basically a winston churchill moment. someone needs to step up in the west show leadership, seive the gathering storm, right now the will ills not there. >> eric, thank you for joining us. >> thank you stuart. >> from the attacks to the hack. one billion dollars, more than
1:36 pm
100 banks, in what may go down as one of the biggest bank heists of all times. to cybersecurity analyst morgan rice on whether your money is safe. that is a key question, isn't it? >> right. >> if my bank is hacked and money is taken out of my account, have i lost that money or has the bank lost the money? who makes it up? >> the bank loses the money, and whatever insurance company they has. consumer cannot be held responsible but you bring up a good point. that in the i.s. we have china and ukraine and russia. we don't know. if my money is in a foreign bank, what kind of protections do itar+óñ/=v(
1:37 pm
this is new. you have to -- on the one hand, this is impressive but it's scary. this required a lot of people a lot of planning, a lot of support. this is more than just organized crime. this has elements of people who used to be in the intelligence
1:38 pm
community or state-sponsored because this took planning and, to get that many people going to atms and get you this money and bring it back and not hey a compromise until it's discovered online, this is going to be something that will be written about for a long time. this is absolutely going to be the big case study. >> do you think that there is another similar hack going on right now which at the moment we don't know about? >> stuart, i testified before the house subcommittee on research and technology on thursday. in my testimony i even talked about it raises a specter there's ongoing penetration of this site because other systems more secure have the been hacked and own then friday and saturday we find out. there is somebody else out there. we need to wait for the other shoe to drop. but this is going on someplace else and this is a precursor, the year of the mega breach. last year was the mega breech, this year it's twice that. >> morgan rice, we appreciate you being with us. >> you bet.
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1:43 pm
disagrees. first, hadley, why are these democrats doing this right now? >> well, stuart they'll say this is about financial relief for their taxpayers, who will face a penalty under obamacare but ultimately i believe this is about political cover. these lawmakers supported obamacare and know they're constituents will blame them when the tax bill comes due. >> what say you jessica? >> i disagree. this is actually something that happened because the expiration dade occurred on february 15th these are members of the house in particular and in the senate, actually who deal with ways and means and tax issues and they have concerns because some people have been confused. there's been polling that's been done thinking they had until the actual tax date of april 15th in order to make sure they're covered. so, they said back in december that we should do just a special little short-term coverage here to make sure that people are aware that if they are required to be covered and they aren't they can get the coverage they
1:44 pm
need and they're not suffering another year of penalties. >> what do you think should happen now hadley? >> well, speaking of suffering, it hurts to be put between a rock and a hard place choosing between buying overpriced insurance products and paying a penalty for not. lawmakers should go back to the drawing board with health reform focus on making halve insurance that is desirable and affordable. of if it's those two things you don't have to mandate foam buy it. >> i saw a study which shows the bronze plays carry dedeductibles five times higher on a deductible an an employer health plan you can't blame people for not wanting to sign up for that. and for taking the risk of a fine from the irs when they're facing huge deductibles. >> well, there are certainly people who may just take the fine. unfortunately, hopefully that won't be the case. the idea -- >> isn't that a rotten position
1:45 pm
to be putting them? in the first place? >> well, it's a rotten position to not have health care, and become ill and have to go to a hospital and then all of the costs and people who are uncovered gets passed on to everyone else. so it's a rock and a hard place for everyone here in terms of trying fix what is definitely and i think acknowledged by everyone a broken healthcare system. >> hadley, is this a broken healthcare law? >> exactly. we had a broken system before 2010 and now five years later, after spending millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising trying to get people to sign up, recruiting the nfl and hollywood celebrities to advertise this law, we're still not at a place where americans understand it. too costlyúkw >> jess car i have to ask you.the exchange video that eye saw last week, president obama -- i'm sorry to say -- clowning around to try to get people to sign up for obamacare. what that a&ñ
1:46 pm
>> he's done lots of different video and this is a president who likes to really get out there and do things. he is younger and be sort of more modern and in touch with people. that's just the way he approaches -- >> when you saw it, jessica, were you a little shocked? the president of the united states, standing in front of a mr. rove putting his tongue out making faces? was that just a little offputting for you? >> i don't know i was -- i wasn't shocked. maybe at this point no. one of those things a lot of times where when you're gifting people to see doctors people do all sorts of different things in order to encourage them to go. so, that's more of a personal choice or maybe a choice that is made amongst his staff. it's something that -- we went through this with medicare and the drug implementation and everyone was in the doughnut hole and it was confusing and difficult, and eventually we got
1:47 pm
through that and hopefully this will happen here. we have the short-term fix. let people get the coverage they're needed and not having tax consequences and the irs doesn't -- >> well, short-term fix. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> greta says, give me a break. this is no time for congress to be taking a break. she is next. the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals take you we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy
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1:51 pm
they're all on spring break. i don't get it. >> greta, i'm going to ask you. i've asked everybody else. why is it the president is so unwilling to identify the religion of victims and identify islamic terrorism? why is he so stand offish on that particular naming? >> if i knew that i would tell you why everyone thinks it's okay to go on spring break when they ask the voters for the vote and the job. i don't get any of this. this has become the city of no consequences. nobody does anything in this
1:52 pm
city until they're pushed up against the line. they may have to make decisions that's not in the nation's best interest. if i did my job this way, i think fox would fire me in a second and they should. >> you're dealing with an extremely important issue on the fox network tonight and that issue is human trafficking. you've got a special tonight, i believe. >> yes. i'm happy to be on the fox business channel. if you don't get it you should tell your carrier. here's what it is. i travelled to southeast asia and we went to twoville larges in cambodia and looked at what's going on there and it's unsinkable. then i came back to the united states and we have it all over the united states. we have it in urban area, rural areas. a whole new business trying to do something about it. some it's a dirty, ugly stret. it comes in the exploitation of labor, slaves, and also in human
1:53 pm
trafficking. what i learned in southeast asia and this will make your s crawl, it's considered in cambodia, i was told that chinese businessman like to get young girls that are virgins because it's considered business good luck. they keep them a week or two and return them to the traffickers and have work done and sell them back out as virgins. drug cartels are back in business here in the united states and it's unbelievable. i have republican senator and republican councilman. it's a bill they have pending. it's all over the united states. it's something not one of us want to face or admit. >> i want to press the issue here. are you saying that some of these people not the traffickers, but the victims in the united states, it's happening here, now. >> it's happening, there was a story last week in the new york daily news about a guy who travelled from virginia to new
1:54 pm
york. he had a little toy and thought he was going to buy a little girl and it was a sting operation and he got caught. it's scandalous what goes on. the fbi is doing everything they can. it's a giant issue. it's the underside what's going on in this country. >> repeat it please. time, name of the show, the network. repeat it. >> 8:00 p.m. right after on the record. you can watch on the record on fox news channel and dvr o'riley and switch over to fox business channel. it's stolen lives. we worked really hard and it's an important issue and we're trying to put the spotlight on it. that's what they can do together and they are. i'll give them credit for that. >> all right greta, we'll be watching. first, a near collision now come the rules.
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we've got to get some rule thinking. >> we'll see. hopefully, they'll get on top of this. it's happening a lot. >> who said the administration isn't watching this show? just a few days after that airing, guess what the faa is proposing? rules. rules for drones. what those rules are, spell them out. >> rules for businesses, researchers and farmers to use drones. cell companies can use them to inspect towers realtors can capture photos of property their selling. they can weigh 55 pounds or less, travel at 100 miles an hour or slower. the operator must avoid flight paths of airplanes and helicopters and keep the drones in their sites at all times.
1:59 pm
that's a significant problem for amazon. the online retailer are testing a system to dispatch a drone to deliver packages to customers. it limits their range. to that, amazon says in a statement, quote the f.a.a.'s proposed rules on drones could take 1-2 years to be adopted and based on their proposal, even then those rules wouldn't allow prime air to operate in the united states. the f.a.a. needs to begin and ex expeditiously complete the process to address the needs of our business and ultimately our customers. >> you got to keep it in the line of site. that sounds like a killer to me. you got to see it all the time? that's not going to work. >> not even binoculars stewart. >> all right. thank you very much, indeed. all right everyone, neil returns
2:00 pm
tomorrow 4:00 eastern on the fox news channel. catch me on the fox business network weekdays at 11:00 a.m. eastern. the 5 is next. hello everyone, i'm greg along with kimberly. she gets lost in a shag rug. this is the five. a gunman shouts on a rampage through copenhagen. the root cause obviously a criminal gang. >> new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. >> yes, you see he's a gang member and here we have the latest installment


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